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Our clients expect the best, both from their aircraft performance and their flightwear. Jays deliver the kind of quality these professionals demand. Our flightsuits are made to order and made to measure for each individual. Utilising our in-house resources, we manufacture the materials for the flightsuits, cut them to size, customise as required, sew and embroider name tags, unit flashes, insignia...whatever the client needs. Naturally, some of our clients prefer to have no 'tell tale' detailing at all. Others require 'Hi-Viz' as standard, alongside the best in weather-proofing and flame retardant properties. Whatever your requirements as a unit, team, crew or squadron, Jays Flightwear will deliver the goods! Our flightsuits can be customised in a wide range of styles; extra pockets, heavy duty 'rescue' epulettes, leg pockets, knife pockets, hi-viz flashes, name/unit/insignia, lightweight, heavyweight, windproof, rainproof, flame retardant, slash resistant...whatever you need in a flight suit, Jays can provide it. Join our client list today! We look forward to working with you.


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Client Name: Blue Eagles Helicopter Display Team

Blue Eagles Display Team
2008 is the 40th Anniversary Year of the Blue Eagles Display Team, and to extend their range of helicopters used at displays, the team have now added three more helicopters to their routines, alongside the Lynx and Gazelle. These are the Scout, the Allouette and the Apache Attack Helicopter (subject to operational requirements!).

Instructors from the School of Army Aviation, Middle Wallop form the core of the Blue Eagles Display Team, and are led, at time of writing, by Major Richard Jarvill of the School of Army Aviation. Many of the pilots have served in combat theatres overseas and, consequently, have a great deal of flying experience in extreme conditions. This is reflected in the skill with which they stage their displays. Jays Flightwear is proud to supply the Blue Eagles Display Team (Army Air Corps) with flightsuits.

The Army Air Corps Blue Eagles helicopter display team was formed by instructors at the School of Army Aviation, Middle Wallop, in the spring of 1968. Using aircraft from the School, they gave displays in their spare time throughout the summer and the season culminated with the SBAC exhibition at Farnborough.The success of the first season's flying was such that the demand for a full-time display team was met the following year. Their unique and spectacular routines were seen at over 70 public shows throughout the United Kingdom, at events ranging from country carnivals to the Battle of Britain Anniversary air display.Over the next few years, the team's programme continued to expand and by 1974 they were including venues as far apart as the Channel Islands, Scotland and Germany.

The actual display routines were developed over the years and the team's initial aircraft were 5 standard Bell-47G3B1 Sioux helicopters. The six pilots were selected from operational squadrons in the UK ands overseas and they flew exclusively for the Blue Eagles from February to October.

No formal instruction in formation flying techniques was included in the Army pilot's training at that time and consequently all Blue Eagle pilots underwent eight weeks of intensive training and rehearsals before their first appearance in public.

Over the years the Corps realised it could not afford a full-time display team and thus the Blue Eagles disbanded. Fortunately, an enthusiastic group of instructors at Middle Wallop formed a volunteer, part-time team the following year and, under another name, continued the Army's display flying, but this time their duties were carried out in their own time.

The Army Air Corps display team has continued under the name: Eagles, Army Eagles, Sparrow-hawks and for the AAC's 25th Anniversary, the Silver Eagles. Flying a mix of aircraft including Sioux, Gazelle, Lynx, Scout and even in some years incorporated the Army Historic Flight's fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

The team then as now continued on a volunteer, part-time basis.In 1992 the Eagles were equipped with 4 Westland Lynx helicopters and began to startle crowds with their incredible manoeuvres, however the training cost was too great as the Army needed more and more Lynx crews, and so, in 1993, the mix of aircraft became a more sustainable one Lynx and four Gazelles. This combination proved a winner as the team, under the name Silver Eagles, won the prestigious Wilkinson Sword at the International Air Tattoo, for the "Best Display by a UK Participant".

In 1994, following an unbroken 26 years of Army display flying, the team was granted the honour of being allowed to return to its original title, The Blue Eagles.

In between 1995 and 2007, the Blue Eagles became a popular and regular feature of the UK and European air show circuit, standardised on one Lynx and four Gazelles.

In 2008, a new Team has been formed to celebrate forty years of the Blue Eagles in the one hundredth year of Army Aviation. The 2008 Team will include the new Apache Attack Helicopter, a Lynx, a Gazelle and two aircraft from an earlier generation of Army Aviation, representing its long and glorious heritage, the Scout and Alouette.

Following in the tradition of the Army's helicopter display team over the past forty years, the Blue Eagles typify the qualities possessed by army pilots generally. Army flying is not about going from A to B. It is about using the aircraft to support troops on the ground.

This requires a high degree of training, intense concentration, the ability to fly the aircraft instinctively and to work calmly under pressure.

All these facets of Army flying have been, and still are, exemplified by the Blue Eagles, whose display of professional skills is the hallmark of the Army Air Corps.

Visit their website for more information about them and the Army Air Corp.


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