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Our clients expect the best, both from their aircraft performance and their flightwear. Jays deliver the kind of quality these professionals demand. Our flightsuits are made to order and made to measure for each individual. Utilising our in-house resources, we manufacture the materials for the flightsuits, cut them to size, customise as required, sew and embroider name tags, unit flashes, insignia...whatever the client needs. Naturally, some of our clients prefer to have no 'tell tale' detailing at all. Others require 'Hi-Viz' as standard, alongside the best in weather-proofing and flame retardant properties. Whatever your requirements as a unit, team, crew or squadron, Jays Flightwear will deliver the goods! Our flightsuits can be customised in a wide range of styles; extra pockets, heavy duty 'rescue' epulettes, leg pockets, knife pockets, hi-viz flashes, name/unit/insignia, lightweight, heavyweight, windproof, rainproof, flame retardant, slash resistant...whatever you need in a flight suit, Jays can provide it. Join our client list today! We look forward to working with you.


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Client Name: Swift Aerobatic Display Team

One hundred years before the Wright Brothers, Sir George Cayley had developed the first proper understanding of the principles of flight. In 1853, fifty years before the first powered flight was made at Kitty Hawk, the first man-carrying glifer flight was made across Brompton dale in the north of England by Cayley's coachman.

The brothers' fundamental breakthrough was their invention of "three axis control" and this was instrumental for the start of flying the first aerobatic maneuvers.

Gliders in UK have been flying aerobatic manoevres since hill soaring started a hundred years ago, In fact the records show the UK's first soaring flights were from Amberly Mount in 1909, just a few miles from Parham, home to Southdown Gliding Club in West Sussex - so gliding and aerobatics are nothing new. There were even UK national championships in the early days, but the British interest in aerobatics all but fizzled out sometime in the 1950s or 60s.

A visiting Polish instructor, Josef Solski, sparked off the latest awareness at Lasham Gliding Centre in 1980s, and combined with the production of some very aerobatic Polish gliders in the 90s, the modern competition and airshow scene was born.

The current display team's history goes back 10 years. Guy Westgate, first flew the factory demonstrator MDM-1 Fox in 1996, and was so impressed he imported the second example in the country the following year.

The Fox is an amazing glider, copied largely from the S-1 Swift (same NACA wing section) which itself was an evolution of the 1964 designed Polish SZD-21-2B Kobuz 3. The 2-Seater ‘Fox' is a pleasure to fly, predictable and surprisingly stable in the vertical, but with sufficiently frisky but predictable handling to enable unlimited level maneuvers to be flown both at competition and air displays.

Our Fox, ‘JKC' featured in UK national championships as soon as it was imported and its first public display was at Shoreham in 1999 (The German demonstrator, D-4034, displaying in 1998), both displays featuring aerobatics from 4,000 feet, towed from Southdown Gliding Club.

In the following years, the display act evolved to launch from the display site, first to give the spectators a more complete understanding as to how the glider got airborne, and then maneuvering on the aerotow to spice up the tow.

The first ‘roll on tow' at an airshow was at Shoreham 2003 followed by several venues the following year, being towed by Super Cub, Supermunk (Chipmunk) and Robin DR-400.

The Extra 300 tow plane came on the scene late in 2005, but the first displays were the next season in 2006 including Biggin Hill and Farnborough.

2007 Saw the principle glider change to the purpose built Polish S-1 Swift G-IZII, the Fox (now G-CFOX) still used by Mike Newman.

2008 will witness more changes, the union of aerobatic towplane and glider becoming more harmonized, wringing the maximum flexibility and performance from both machines and the addition of Justyn Gorman to the team means the Extra can flex its own muscles with Justyn's gyroscopic aerobatic slot.


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