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Jays Flightwear manufacture protective flightsuits for a very wide range of clients across a spectrum of disciplines:

SAR Crews.


Police Air Support Units.

Special Forces.

Army Air Corp.

Royal Air Force.

Display Teams.

The Red Arrows.

Replica Flightsuits.

Movies & TV Productions.


Private Pilots.

Charter Operators.


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Fictional British Fighter Ace Lord Flash-HartFlightwear has come a long way since the days of the Royal Flying Corps and 'Lord Flash-Hart; (a fictional character from the series 'Blackadder Goes Forth', seen at right, in typical robust stance....) Back then a pilot wore his regular issue uniform and protected himself from the elements with whatever came to hand: leather coats, sheepskins, scarves, gloves...Today, things have moved on a little. Pilots require flight suits that can withstand extremes, that are light in weight, have plenty of storage, are made from the latest materials and fabrics which can withstand the elements AND fire and slash injury. Finally, a flight suit needs to reflect the corporate identity of its owner. Jays Flightwear manufacture flight suits in-house and to order.

From the RAF to the Army Air Corp to Police Air Support units to Heli-borne Paramedics, all are coming to realise that only one name really meets the demands of modern flight suits: Jays Flightwear. With over 20 years experience manufacturing high-spec race wear clothing for everything from Kart racing to Formula 1, Jays Flight wear have the experience, the products and the manufacturing capability to meet those requirements. Jays Flight suits can be manufactured to your exact requirements to ensure your flightsuit fits right, works right and looks right - even down to the embroidery: Patches, flashes, insignia and anything else your corporate identity requires. Please read our flight suit checklist below. Then call us!

Jays Flightwear Standard Made To Measure Nomex® Flying Suit – Features.

• Nomex Zips To:- (Brass or Black Tooth) • Main body – 2 way (26” or 29” depending on body length)
• Sleeves (7” x 2) or Velcro Tabs • Legs (11” x 2)
• Outer right breast pocket (7” x 1)

• Pockets :-• 1 or 2 outer zip breast pocket • 1 x inner pocket left breast pocket – with velcro fastening  (Only if not having outer Right hand zip pocket)
• 2 x hip pockets • 2 x Map pockets to lower leg – flap with velcro fastening • With or without Velcro pocket access

• Other features:- If Required • With or without High Stretch Comfort Panel under armpit area for extra movement.
• Pen holder to left or Right upper sleeve with or without Flap/ Maglite Holder • Epaulettes – with Velcro fastening • Elasticated Waist
• D’ ring to left Or Right hand chest • Zip cover tabs on Zipped sleeves or Velcro tab sleeves
• ZipCover Tabs On Ankle Zips • Nomex J-Knife Pocket to match suit on Left or Right hand thigh
• Protective Velcro tabs on Leg zips • Map/ Window board pockets to thighs
• Box lower leg map pockets • Adjustable Mobile Phone Holder
Below is a demonstration (on YouTube) of a Fire Resistant Nomex® Flightsuit withstanding extremes of heat and flame.
The title is somewhat sensational and misleading, fortunately. However, it does demonstrate the effectiveness of these materials against intense flame and heat.

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